The Proven, the Provocative and the Perverse

Unexpected ways to extend performance.

Is everything we know about the best way to develop people flawed? Want to develop yourself and others, but don’t have the time, the budget or the inspiration? Ready to take advantage of the growing trend towards short, self-directed learning, but don’t know where to start? Need to identify relevant and achievable development options, linked to future job requirements? Like to transform routine performance reviews into a more collaborative and engaging experience?

Watch this selection of video clips from a recent Chartered Management Institute (CMI) event ‘The Proven, the Provocative and the Perverse’ - focusing on expected ways to extend performance. During the session, our very own Chris Watson challenged conventional thinking around how best to build potential in the workplace by drawing on the latest research into the science of people. Chris delivered a smorgasbord of highly improbable, yet scientifically robust methods to develop capability in the workplace and deliver outstanding results through people.

Some of the themes explored included:

  • Whether HR should always be objective and avoid hasty judgments.
  • How best to identify a great manager.
  • Counter-intuitive ways to generate creative thought.
  • Who to support first during times of change.
  • Unlikely tools to increase your influencing skills.
  • A preposterous method to build your personal productivity.
  • Novel ways to control your stress levels and amplify resilience levels.



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Posted On: 06 Jan 2019