Open Learning

Innovative learning for the incurably curious...

All our high-impact open learning programmes deliver accessible, informative and down-to-earth learning, with a strong emphasis on practical implementation.

Endor’s approach is built on the premise that the longest lasting messages are often the least complex. Our intention is to encourage participants to explore the latest in applied people practices and effective ways of working, in an informal environment. Our goal is to offer clear, informative and engaging learning, which helps people to develop and can easily be transferred back into the workplace.

During every Endor open learning event, there is ample opportunity to link up with like-minded people, share experiences and insights, get engaged and discover what is working for others. We actively encourage participants to build external relationships, to connect and be curious. It is important that everyone is able to learn from each other as well as from us.

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Featured Events


Generate Creative Solutions - Solving Problems and Making Decisions. Oct 25th 2018 in LINCOLN:  Creative 

Change Evolve and Adapt - Building Collaborative Networks. Nov 1st 2018 in LINCOLN:  Adapt

The Language of Work: October 30th 2018 in LINCOLN: Language of Work

The Proven, the Provocative and the Perverse: Nov 21st 2018 in SCUNTHORPE:  CMI Partnership Event

Understand Yourself and Others: December 14th 2018 in LINCOLN:   Understand Yourself and Others


  • High value, cost effective, local learning events
  • Dedicated time to focus, away from work
  • Network and make connections
  • Opportunity to share ideas and experiences
  • Informal and friendly environments
  • Relevant and impactful learning methods
  • Sessions delivered by engaging and qualified subject specialists