Transferable Skills

Why transferable skills?

All of Endor’s transferable skills programmes have been designed to reflect the needs of today’s rapidly changing workplace. By focusing on the human side of work, each short practical programme reinforces a belief that the development of applied skills will not only support people through role transitions, but will also deliver many of the qualities responsible for forging long term success in role. 

Transferable skills are vital in enabling people to perform effectively. Collectively, they provide the range of interpersonal abilities and approaches which not only influence how we interact with others, but also build a solid foundation to drive personal credibility in the workplace. More importantly, these adaptive skills are acknowledged as being highly prized across all work environments and are completely transferable. Transferable skills add value by promoting operational versatility and building personal resilience. To find out more, read 'Upskill: 21 Keys to Professional Growth'Upskill

Below are some examples of our award-winning people programmes - all of which are revised on an ongoing basis and tailored to meet the precise needs of each organisation we work with. We never run the same programme twice.

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Transferable Skills Overview

Communicate and Connect

Create conversations, drive discussions and establish worthwhile connections. Excel at the art of interpersonal communication by selecting programmes from this section.

Listen Up

Master lifelong listening skills - how to slow your listening down and focus on what others are really saying. Practice methods to recall more information and learn ways to test your assumptions. Develop techniques to build lasting rapport – leading to stronger relationships with colleagues, clients and friends.

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Applied Body Language

The secrets of applied body language - significantly improve your ability to interpret the meaning of body language. Learn to pick up on the hidden emotions which are present in all interpersonal exchanges. Challenge commonly held assumptions about de-coding non-verbal communication.

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How am I Coming Across?

Make connections, minimise conflict - improve interpersonal interactions through the use of effective dialogue. Manage great conversations, reduce the potential for any conflict and elicit the reactions you want from others in social situations. Explore ways to become more responsible for all your actions and experiences.

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The Language of Work

Talk the talk and enhance prospects for progression - how to use high-value phrases which are both recognised and respected at work. Make a lasting impression through use of clear, straightforward language and present statements in a confident manner to extend your professional identity at work.

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The Human Condition

Get the most out of any group discussion. Ensure others are receptive to your ideas and suggestions. Measure the impact of your personal effectiveness when attempting to persuade your colleagues. Improve group dynamics and increase your ability to achieve the outcome you are after, more of the time.

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Manage and Support

Explore new ways to enable and empower your people to deliver improved results. Identify, motivate and manage talent effectively by selecting transferable skills programmes from this section.

Manage the Human Factor

Deliver outstanding results through your people – discover proven tools and techniques to develop intelligent management practices. Practice new and reliable methods to engage your employees, create meaningful relationships and leverage better performance results for every person you manage.

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Performance Matters

Share goals, achieve objectives and extend performance – how to evaluate and extend performance. Practice the latest ways to recognise performance, develop flexible measures of assessment and then apply these to build productivity in the workplace. Performance drives outcomes, and outcomes drive success. Performance is the critical enabler for any organisation.

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Engage and Enable

Fresh ideas to build commitment - providing a range of applied techniques to get people engaged and build morale. Challenge old myths about the best ways to get individuals on-board. Delivers an easy to use toolkit to support the long term engagement of others and develop high levels of trust across your team.

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Recruit Talented People

Identify and appoint exceptional staff - how to identify and select the most able people, best suited to perform particular tasks. Learn how to balance the need for a fair and transparent approach with the recognition that recruitment is a human process. Enhance the candidate experience and build your internal capability.

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Impact and Approach

Sometimes it's not what you do, it's the way that you do it. Get others on board to achieve your aims. Maximise differences of approach at work and discover new ways to increase credibility and personal impact.

Understand Yourself and Others

Acknowledge strengths and appreciate individual differences - gain insight into differences of approach. Acknowledge the impact of your personality preferences on the way you work with others, increase self awareness, improve your communication skills and reduce any potential for unintended conflict.

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Under the Influence

Enlist the support of others to achieve your objectives - create valuable alliances across your workplace. Increase your personal credibility and achieve the results you want, more of the time. Learn flexible techniques to engage both individuals and groups, as well as practice ways to build rapport and minimise misunderstanding.

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Time to Thrive

Apply focus to transform your energy and effectiveness - deal confidently with an endless stream of complex tasks and commitments. Exercise personal focus and deliberate attention to define priorities, remove distractions and review work processes and ensure you are able to cope effectively with ever increasing workloads.

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Assert Yourself

Express what you want directly and openly - overcome barriers to becoming more assertive and learn ways to think, feel and behave like an assertive person. Develop the applied skills needed to present your ideas and opinions in a way that will ensure you are heard and respected.

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Involve and Inspire

Discover ways to build personal resilience and bolster adaptability at work. How to influence the flexibility of others and how to support yourself and your colleagues during times of organisational transition.

Change, Evolve and Adapt

How to embrace change and support others – focusing exclusively on the impact of change at a human level: going through change in the workplace, how it feels during periods of uncertainty and the potential effect on productivity levels. How to cope effectively with ambiguity and build resilience during times of flux.

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The Creative Mindset

Simple methods to ignite innovative ideas - boost your ability to think differently, to be inquisitive and to work more creatively with others. Discover how to identify alternatives, explore concepts and recognise new possibilities.

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Pull together in effective teams and work groups – practical ways to work more co-operatively with others, build group identity and collaborate to deliver agreed goals. Participate and discover ways to compete co-operatively, share expertise, establish a sense of direction, build trust and celebrate group successes.

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Constructive Feedback

The art of the honest conversation - raise any issue in a constructive and positive manner. Deliver courageous conversations in a way that is understood, accepted and acted on. Provides proven tools and techniques to raise issues in a constructive and positive manner.

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