Development Options

Practical ideas to support your personal development



An extensive ten-year study has provided insight into what UK employers now regard as the most valuable applied skills – the key work approaches which are in greatest demand across all sectors today. This research identified the personal qualities and approaches most commonly associated with successful outcomes in role. While qualifications and technical skills remained important; interpersonal awareness, behavioural skills, the ability to get on with others and being able to express yourself with clarity and confidence, were the approaches most often linked to long-term success at work. Working with the University of Hull, we have developed a unique assessment to help develop capability in these adaptive skills.

Create your personal development profile

The Revelation Assessment explores your responses to many of these factors associated with success at work. It encourages you to reflect on the strength of your existing preference (not necessarily your ability level) for each item. This FREE assessment takes only a few minutes to complete and will provide you with a number of proven suggestions to extend performance in one of these skills - alongside the option to receive a more comprehensive report featuring a host of practical ideas which you can apply in your role.

What will I receive on completion?

To support your professional growth, you will receive a selection of easy-to-apply development options, mapped against to your own responses, plus details on how to download a complete Revelation Development Profile®. Each of these full reports can assist with performance reviews, staff appraisals, coaching, mentoring, career management, constructive feedback, training needs analysis, action planning and goal setting.   Download:  Sample_Report



A dynamic snapshot of learning possibilities

The Revelation Development Profile® includes a selection of relevant books and resources to refer to, tools to apply, carefully selected videos to watch, novel approaches to adopt, time saving apps to download, relevant quotes to provoke, insights to investigate and engaging websites to visit. Revelation compares responses to 775,000 different options to develop performance and then identifies the ideas which are most suited to you at this time.

Follow the link to begin the exercise. There are no right or wrong answers. Please note, the assessment is not psychometric in nature and does not make statements about you, your personality or your existing ability levels.