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Here you will find instructions on the assessment, definitions for all of the core skills associated with success at work, a ratings key to indicate the strength of your preference for each item and also the profile form itself. You will be guided through the process with the help of handy pop-up prompts at the start of each section - providing advice in terms of what to do next. This BETA VERSION is easy to follow and doesn't require you to answer a single question about yourself. To help you navigate through each of the steps, print off the instruction sheet and use it as your route-map to completing this development version of the assessment: Instructions

As you work through the exercise, you may want to change some of your preferences. This can be done at any point before making your final choices. Please read all the instructions, before providing your responses. If you do get stuck, simply press the go back button on your browser to begin again. None of your responses are submitted until you fully complete the assessment and press 'send'.  

To begin your Revelation Assessment, scroll down and read the Step 1 panel, then press Get Started.

Colour Key - estimating strength of preference

To what extent would you say that each item is either one of your Higher Preferences, or one of your Lower Preferences?

Mildly agree

Moderately agree

Strongly agree

Unconditional agreement

Lower Preference
Higher Preference
1 - Ability to Influence
2 - Commercial Impact
3 - Commitment to Change and Adaptation
4 - Constructive Communication
5 - Creativity & Innovation
6 - Demonstrate Resilience & Emotional Control
7 - Developed Specialist Knowledge & Ability
8 - Effective Planning & Organisation
9 - Enthusiasm for Customer Service
10 - Focus on Developing Others
11 - Interpersonal Awareness and Diplomacy
12 - Intuitive Thought
13 - Motivation to Succeed
14 - Ownership of Self Development
15 - People Management & Leadership Potential
16 - Positive Decisions
17 - Professional Ethics & Social Responsibility
18 - Promote Teamwork & Collaboration
19 - Provide Direction & Purpose
20 - Results Through Action
21 - Use of Information & Data
My Lower Preferences
My Higher Preferences
Unconditionally agree
Strongly Agree
Moderately Agree
Mildly Agree
Mildly Agree
Moderately Agree
Strongly Agree
Unconditionally Agree
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