Taster Sessions

Delicious taster sessions are on the menu.

Its official, they're back! Once again we are cooking up a range of tasty introductory sessions for you to sample our unique approach to learning and development. During the coming months we'll be delivering a number of short sessions at various professional associations, networking meetings and business support groups. We hope you can join us!


Menu Sample: The Proven, the Provocative and the Perverse…

'Unexpected ways to extend performance'

During this informative and engaging 90 minute session, we will explore many of the commonly held myths relating to the performance of people. We will challenge conventional thinking around how best to build potential in the workplace by drawing on the latest research into the science of people. Throughout this short, high impact session, we will present a smorgasbord of highly improbable, yet scientifically robust methods to develop capability in the workplace and deliver outstanding results through people. Watch the video clip:  Invitation

Some of the themes we will explore:

  • Whether HR should always be objective and avoid hasty judgements.
  • How best to identify a great manager.
  • Counter-intuitive ways to generate creative thought.
  • Who to support first during times of change.
  • Unlikely tools to increase your influencing skills.
  • A preposterous method to build your personal productivity.
  • Novel ways to control your stress levels and amplify resilience levels.

If you belong to a group and would like us to present at one of your own future meetings, drop us a line to discuss. 

Posted On: 22 Aug 2017