Going The Extra Millimetre.

Customer Service Exercise.

Here’s another great resource which can be used by trainers, coaches, facilitators and consultants to create interesting discussions about opportunities around customer service.

We regularly use this set of 46 cards to create lots of dialogue on our Delivering Service Excellence Programme.  This ‘Going the Extra Millimetre’ exercise can be applied in a number of ways, but our favourite method is to distribute all the cards around the group and them ask everyone to work together to create a flat pyramid shape on a desktop - by laying out all of the cards - with the least relevant items at the bottom of the triangle and the single most important card on its own at the top. This card-sort challenge can create fascinating discussions about where the team, department or even organisation is at the moment in terms of its service provision, and importantly, what needs to happen next to extend performance in this area.


All of the ideas on the cards are based on what many leading organisations already do to deliver service excellence. Each initiative often requires only the smallest adjustment (one mm) to an existing work practice, in order to move forwards.

Free resource: CustomerServiceCards

Feel free to print off the cards to use in your next workshop. Let us know how you get on – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Posted On: 15 Aug 2017