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Identify and appoint exceptional staff


Course summary

How to identify and select the most able people, best suited to perform particular tasks. This practical course is designed to provide line managers, interviewers, recruiters and HR teams with all the essential skills required to deliver a robust and effective recruitment service. Delivering a mixture of the latest advice on recruitment trends, employment legislation and applied skills development; it has been developed to appeal to anyone looking to develop their in-house recruitment skills and gain greater control over the recruitment process. Learn how to balance the need for a fair and transparent approach with the recognition that recruitment is a human process. Enhance the candidate experience and build your internal capability. Discover simple steps to separate the good from the exceptional - even in situations where a number of applicants have similar work experience and strengths to offer.

During the second half of the programme, you will practice proven interview techniques in a relaxed environment and test methods to probe initial responses, to uncover more detailed evidence. Full of useful hints and tips, this is a complete recruitment programme in one highly interactive programme.

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Who is it for?

Ideal for anyone expected to recruit people. Useful for new and experienced recruiters. Helpful for line managers, HR, interviewers and in-house panel members.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the legal requirements which impact on recruitment and apply the principles of fairness and equality of opportunity throughout the selection process
  • Support the creation of effective job descriptions, personal specifications, further particulars and job advertisements
  • Acknowledge the emerging recruitment opportunities presented through social media and learn how to appeal to younger, new talent
  • Use a simple rating scheme to objectively differentiate between shortlisted candidates. Extend personal capability when handling a wide range of interview situations
  • Develop incisive questions linked to role requirements and discover how to postpone judgement until you have collected both positive and negative evidence
  • Practice the latest flexible interview techniques, proven to deliver an accurate indicator of future performance
  • Select and agree the most able people, best suited to perform particular tasks

What else do I need to know?

One day skills development session. Includes example key tools, templates and documentation. Can be split as two half days or tailored to your organisational needs.

Use of personal phones is encouraged during part of this session.

Part of the Manage and Support suite of programmes.
Links to: Engage and Enable, Performance Matters and Manage the Human Factor.

"By the end of the session I felt more capable as an interviewer and more confident in terms of introducing an objective, decision making process. An enjoyable and informative session. It demystified the process and gave us all valuable skills practice."

HR Officer - Vion Food Group.

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