Performance Matters

Achieve goals, extend contributions


Course summary

There is no doubt that effective performance management can boost both productivity and morale. However for many, the term ‘performance management’ is still associated with the legacy of an old, imposed and sometimes rigid annual review process. For some, these externally developed systems are regarded as time consuming and ineffective. For this reason, a number of employers are now beginning to revisit their processes to encourage a more fluid and organic approach to employee performance management - designed to engage the employee as well as explicitly focusing on extending their capabilities and commitment. This programme presents the latest ideas and thinking on how to objectively evaluate and extend performance. We practice ways to develop credible measures of performance and then apply these assessments to build productivity in the workplace. We dispel many myths about how to translate organisational goals, how to engage employees and how best to support performance improvement. There is no one size that fits all.

This programme provides a range of practical tools and techniques, to ensure that every participant can recognise performance, reliably evaluate it and then develop appropriate activities to deliver improved results. You will also learn how to maintain and build trust with colleagues - from recognised underperformers in role through to the most capable team members.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for all. Most relevant for: managers, team leaders and anyone with a potential to influence the performance of others - trainers and human resources.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify effective performance and overcome barriers to assessment
  • Challenge conventional thinking relating to: SMART objectives, formal appraisal systems and how to celebrate results
  • Set, communicate and achieve stretching goals and expectations using AMS
  • Gather, record, analyse and apply meaningful performance indicators
  • Compare the contributions of all team members in a consistent way
  • Assess different development options to support performance improvement
  • Use an adaptive assessment tool to accurately predict where underperformance is likely to arise, in both teams and individuals
  • Evaluate the performance of any employee and develop robust action plans to improve the results delivered by each individual
  • Reinforce positive results through motivational language

What else do I need to know?

Half day session or one day. Can be alongside the half day Constructive Feedback session, providing the Manage Performance Programme.

Use of personal mobile phones is encouraged during part of this course. Part of the Manage and Support suite of programmes.

Links to: Manage the Human Factor, Engage and Enable, Recruit Talented People.


"Lots of practical ideas on how to extend performance... Invaluable - I wouldn't change anything. Useful model for comparing the performance of team members in a consistent way. The technique used for the objectives building session was much more effective than SMART."

HR Manager - Tata Steel (UK)

"Excellent programme - I got something from every single exercise."

Finance Director - Key Country Foods

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