Manage the Human Factor

Deliver results through your people


Course summary

Old ideas of management about telling people what to do and expecting compliance, no longer apply. Management today is about sharing ideas and responsibility, about helping people to connect with the organisation, as well as dealing with ambiguity and uncertainty. But how do you get the best from all your people? How do you generate an increased sense of belonging? How do you inspire your team to take responsibility for change? Organisational success is now determined by an increasingly diverse workforce, yet every day, gifted and talented managers fail because they aren’t good at dealing with the human factor. More than ever before, in our technology assisted workplace, it is the manager who plays the pivotal role in turning on or turning off the productivity of the people who work for them. Results from the recent UK Government Employer Skills Survey revealed that ‘The most common skills deemed to be lacking among existing mangers were people and personal skills’.

With a focus on applied approaches, this pragmatic and practical programme provides proven tools and techniques to develop emotionally intelligent practices. You'll discover new and reliable methods to engage your employees, create meaningful relationships and leverage better performance results for you and every person you manage.



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Who is it for?

Suitable for: new and emerging managers, team leaders and anyone wishing to update themselves on the latest practices including supervisors and human resources.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Balance the demands of people and task requirements using high levels of support and challenge
  • Acknowledge the impact of personal style and develop ways to extend opportunities for involvement and contribution across the team
  • Apply flexible communication methods to boost the confidence and effectiveness of all your people
  • Promote participative management practices by sharing ideas and encouraging mutual responsibility
  • Practice five simple ways to empower others and build loyalty
  • Identify and adopt the optimum approach when making key decisions
  • Convert apathy and underachievement into high performance
  • Explore practical techniques to simplify complex rules and practices
  • Avoid overload, prioritise work, manage time effectively and delegate appropriate tasks to the right individuals

What else do I need to know?

One day, with an option to focus on extending Delegation Skills as a discreet interactive half day workshop.

Use of personal mobile phones is encouraged during part of this course.

Part of the Manage and Support suite of programmes.
Links to: Engage and Enable, Performance Matters and Recruit Talented People.

"Relevant and thought provoking... following the programme I will be focusing on providing individual recognition back in the workplace and actively listening to others opinions. I realise that I sometimes need to be clearer with my communications towards both staff and customers... great for understanding human behaviour and how to diffuse difficult situations at work."

Operations Manager - Rocal Plastics

"There was a really good balance - all of the examples were relevant and I was able to relate the content to my own work situation - linked together well."

Technical Manager - Axgro Foods

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