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Fresh ideas to build commitment


Course summary

It’s no secret, employees who feel valued and recognised for the work they do, are far more motivated and more likely to conduct their work with energy and enthusiasm. Latest research by The Work Foundation demonstrates that employee engagement is now the single main driver of organisational success. But what motivates us all to do more at work, to be productive? Contrary to conventional thinking, it isn't just money. However, neither is it about just being happy in our job. It seems that most of us thrive when we can make constant progress, have the opportunity to excel at something and feel a sense of purpose. During this practical session, we explore a range of applied techniques to get people engaged and build morale. This isn’t about firing you up ‘to be more motivated’, instead we deliver the latest ideas on how to energise people and build their long-term commitment.

The workshop aims to demystify the terms: motivation, alignment, engagement and commitment, and challenges old myths about how best to get individuals on-board. All participants are provided with an easy to use toolkit to support the engagement of others and develop high levels of trust across their team.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for all. Most relevant for: managers, supervisors, team leaders and anyone with a potential to influence the performance of others.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify and apply the main motivators which impact on performance
  • Challenge commonly held assumptions about what drives behaviour
  • Assess the causes of poor commitment and practice ways to eliminate disengagement
  • Consider the implications of effective motivational practices on job design
  • Learn what the most successful teams do to build connectivity to organisational requirement
  • Estimate your own engagement levels using one of the most powerful indicators of employee connectivity
  • Use an engagement toolkit to encourage the adoption of appropriate strategies for different people
  • Apply proven ways to influence wider team engagement levels and extend commitment to agreed tasks

What else do I need to know?

Option to run as one day programme or as an abridged half day session. 

Use of mobile phones is encouraged during part of this course.
Part of the Manage and Support suite of programmes.
Links to: Performance Matters, Manage the Human Factor, Recruit Talented People.

"I found examining personal motivation very useful and discovered that some of my own responses were unexpected. Helped me to appreciate the factors leading to extreme job satisfaction and alternative approaches to delivering results through people. An enlightening programme."

Senior Manager - Hodgson Sealants

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