The Creative Mindset

Simple methods to ignite and innovate ideas


Course summary

Creativity has been described as innovation in action. It is a thinking skill which can be learned by anyone. While 80% of organisations acknowledge that creativity is vital for economic growth, only 25% of people believe they are using their creative potential. Creativity is all about seeing things differently, making connections and breaking away from established patterns. It’s not just about launching innovative new products and designs. It is also about identifying enhancements, improvements, modifications and revisions. On this short, high impact and interactive course you’ll boost your ability to think differently, to be inquisitive and to work more creatively together with others. You will discover how to seek alternatives, explore concepts and identify new possibilities.

The session provides tons of opportunities to apply proven practical tools and techniques so you can generate multiple solutions to a single problem, by looking beyond the first expedient answer. You will learn simple but effective idea generation methods that you will be able to use straight away. We include the latest research on how the mind works and reveal surprising ways to unleash your creative abilities. You will discover that ‘thinking inside the box’ can sometimes be helpful and learn how other creative organisations get the creative best out of their people. The ultimate creativity course for non-creative types.


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Who is it for?

Everyone can be a creative thinker. Useful for developing creative problem solving skills, generating fresh ideas and then turning these ideas into action. Ideal for anyone who needs to unleash their own creativity and that of others.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Practice ways to encourage the adoption of creative solutions
  • Unlock fresh ideas and quickly develop inventive approaches
  • Build confidence to overcome any barriers to creative thinking
  • Learn how to explore and challenge existing assumptions
  • Develop ways to suspend judgement and think more laterally
  • Apply individual and group techniques to harness your creative potential and generate unlimited idaes
  • Test and apply six proven creativity techniques which can be used back in the workplace
  • Reduce time identifying the best answers to practical problems
  • Convert creative ideas into applied solutions

What else do I need to know?

Run as one day or half day. Practical idea generation tools and techniques workshop.
Can also be run as a one day session - to include idea evaluation support and decision making tools.

Part of the Involve and Inspire suite of programmes.

Links to: Change, Evolve and Adapt, Collaborate, and Constructive Feedback

"Before attending this session, I've always considered myself to be fairly uncreative. I no longer think that this is the case. Really worthwhile... packed with great ideas on how to see things differently. Thank you."

Company Director - Retail Sales

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