Constructive Feedback

Excel in the art of the honest conversation


Course summary

Providing constructive feedback is a powerful skill which, when applied effectively, can impact on behaviour and performance, contribute to self-esteem and lead to increased motivation. This course is designed for anyone who may need to engage in an honest conversation with another party, inside or outside of work. Feedback is successful when the receiver understands it, accepts it and can act upon it - and this session aims to equip you with the ability to raise issues in a constructive and positive manner. Progressive organisations such as Microsoft, Accenture and Deloitte have all recently dropped their annual appraisals in favour of ongoing informal feedback, on a project by project basis. Employees themselves are also demanding more continuous feedback. In particular younger workers expect lots of communication and timely feedback, from both their peers and colleagues to enhance performance in role. Significantly, research by IBM found that organisations which actively used ongoing feedback had 20% higher levels of employee engagement than those that did not.

Attend this high-impact programme and learn how to deliver what has been called ‘the single biggest opportunity to influence performance’.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for managers and staff. Useful for anyone who has to undertake honest conversations with peers, colleagues, customers, suppliers and senior managers.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Select from a range of flexible feedback approaches to deliver effective results at work and beyond
  • Use a practical framework to support the preparation of clear, detailed and balanced feedback
  • Identify specific actions to minimise barriers to the delivery of honest conversations
  • Practice ways to develop engaging feedback which will influence others willingness to take action
  • Demonstrate the principles of emotional intelligence to manage timely conversations and remain objective
  • Recognise unspoken resistance and deal confidently with any unexpected responses
  • Know how and when to deliver positive praise to bolster key messages
  • Increase personal commitment levels and further strengthen enthusiasm for ongoing feedback

What else do I need to know?

Half day session.

All delegates will receive a practical feedback toolkit to apply after the course.

Part of the Involve and Inspire suite of programmes.

Links to: Collaborate, The Creative Mindset and Change, Evolve and Adapt.

"Enjoyed every minute... learned masses... especially the importance of providing clarity. The content was excellent. It really helped in terms of the preparation, organisation and skills needed to deliver 1-1 feedback in the workplace."

Team Leader - ICO Polymers

"Really enjoyable, all the examples were relevant to the work situation. The Cedar model was great for putting the structure into practice."

Logistics Supervisor - Eimskip Ltd

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