Pull together in effective teams and work groups


Course summary

People generally thrive in an environment that frees them to collaborate, but not everyone knows how to prepare for effective participation. Increased levels of change mean that work groups tend to evolve much more quickly and so need to be more flexible. Unclear reporting lines and divided loyalties may exist and collaborative working in virtual or fragmented teams requires additional effort to succeed. This participative programme reveals the secrets of working co-operatively with others, building group cohesion and working together towards agreed goals. The session recognises that not everyone is naturally affiliative and delivers a simple framework to help people relate to each other, share solutions and improve results. We explore all the characteristics of high performing teams and equip participants with the tools to respond and adapt in the face of changing demands.

Low on theory, this practical workshop, provides multiple opportunities to test the latest collaborative practices. Ideal for existing teams to help them work better together; for new teams to build greater cohesion and for individuals wishing to develop their skills in this area. You don’t even need to be currently working in a defined team to benefit from learning how to compete co-operatively, share expertise, pull together in the same direction, trust one another and celebrate group successes.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for all. Can be tailored for use with evolved teams, non-functioning teams, new teams, working groups and virtual teams. Also beneficial for team leaders and individuals needing to collaborate in project groups.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Learn new ways to collaborate in teams, workgroups and on projects
  • Challenge traditional models of team development and overcome barriers to collaborative effort in a rapidly changing environment
  • Effectively share information within and across workgroups
  • Identify and build on the individual contributions of others
  • Practice ways to generate trust and quickly develop team cohesion
  • Assess where your own workgroup lies in terms of its potential operational effectiveness
  • Apply new technologies to assist with on-line collaboration across geographic boundaries
  • Provide ruthless encouragement to colleagues and deliver improved results through collective involvement

What else do I need to know?

One day session.

Part of the Involve and Inspire suite of programmes.

Participants should wear flat shoes or trainers (please note: there will be no tree hugging, running about or catching bind-folded people !).

Mobile phones used during part of the session.

Links to: Constructive Feedback, The Creative Mindset and Change, Evolve and Adapt.

"l now feel more comfortable in my role. Creating ownership was a key message. I learned ways to slow down and roll the ball back... how to develop ownership in my Team and ways to generate a positive team spirit. The programme gave me all the tools I need to be more effective when collaborating in my own team and when working in project groups."

Line Manager - Dawn Foods

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