Understand Yourself and Others

Appreciate individual strengths and differences


Course summary

This practical session provides a constructive, flexible and reliable way to gain insight into differences of approach. In particular, it promotes greater self-awareness by looking at how you perceive the world and how you prefer to interact with others – both at work and in everyday life. The approach is based upon Carl Jung’s observation that seemingly random variations in behaviour are actually very consistent and can usually be predicted due to identifiable patterns in the way people prefer to use their perception and judgment. During this highly informative programme, a variety of methods, practical exercises and activities are used to help you explore your own personality preferences in detail.

Emphasising the value of diversity in any group, you will acknowledge the impact of your own expressed preferences on the way you work with others and reduce any potential for unintended conflict to occur. Identification of your individual strengths will then support the development of interpersonal communication skills and extend opportunities to improve your productivity and personal relationships, providing a foundation for lasting change.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for everyone. Used for improving communication skills. Listening, influencing and persuasion skills. Awareness of a team’s working style. Management development. Recognising responses to change. Conflict resolution. Decision-making and problem solving. Effective stress management. Coaching with confidence.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify your personality type and recognise how you prefer to interact with others
  • Acknowledge other types and approaches and make constructive use of individual differences
  • Look at the impact of your preferences at work and at home
  • Increase self-awareness and develop approaches to improve personal resilience
  • Recognise behavioural cues from each type preference and appreciate how others prefer to receive communication
  • Understand how to communicate and work effectively with others
  • Apply practical methods to enhance teamwork and improve performance levels
  • Develop techniques to work effectively with opposite preferences to yourself

What else do I need to know?

One day, with option to run as introductory half day session.
Also available: accredited MBTI® Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®.

During the session you will complete a short questionnaire to explore your own expressed preferences. Part of the Impact and Approach suite of programmes.

Links to: Under the Influence, Assert Yourself and Time to Thrive.

"A very relaxed and enjoyable course. Provided us with a powerful tool for understanding each other's drivers. I learned how to get the best from my colleagues, using their strengths to progress. There was a good balance of application and theory with an emphasis on practical approaches which can be applied on an everyday basis. "

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