Under the Influence

Enlist the support of others to achieve your objectives


Course summary

Increasingly, we are all expected to convince people who do not work alongside us, to do things that are central to the success of our own job. Effective influencers excel at getting others on board – without the need for coercion or manipulation. In today’s ever-changing world, very little can be accomplished without having to influence and persuade key groups – including colleagues, customers, suppliers and friends. Over time, you will have fashioned your own set of influencing strategies on which you rely. This applied course aims to help you to recognise these preferred approaches, develop them further, and then boost your ability to persuade people more convincingly.

During the programme, you will learn how to enlist the support of others to achieve your objectives and how to create valuable alliances - both inside your team and across your workplace. You will increase your personal credibility and achieve the results you are after more of the time. You will also learn a number of flexible techniques to engage both individuals and groups, as well as practice ways to build rapport and handle conflict.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for all. Used for improved communication skills. Impact and credibility at work. Building  trust and rapport. Empathy and understanding. Conflict resolution. Customer service. Sales and marketing. Relationship development. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the main sources of leverage in the workplace
  • Distinguish between manipulation, power and persuasion
  • Practice methods to overcome barriers to effective influence
  • Persuade and enlist the support of others to achieve objectives
  • Strengthen preferred styles to build impact, rapport and credibility
  • Apply a range of interpersonal skills which will support the creation of well-formed outcomes, when influencing in group situations
  • Communicate with confidence, ensuring messages are heard and understood
  • Apply methods to engage others and minimise conflict
  • Know when and how to accept the opinions, values and needs of others
  • Consistently work to achieve a win-win situation

What else do I need to know?

One day session. All delegates will receive a practical influencing toolkit to apply after the course.

Part of the Impact and Approach suite of programmes.
Links to: Understand Yourself and Others, Assert Yourself and Time to Thrive.

"Great ideas on how to build credibility and getting others on board to achieve my aims. A must for anyone who needs to persuade anyone. Useful suggestions on how to involve colleagues... highly recommended. "

Account Manager - Defence Solutions Ltd.

"Underlined the importance of individualising messages when leading and influencing people."

Head of HR - Hodgson Sealants

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