Assert Yourself

Express what you want directly and openly


Course summary

Assertive people say what they want, have more control over their life, appear more credible and also demonstrate higher levels of self-confidence. Assertiveness is a behavioural skill, which can be practiced and developed through a series of easy to apply tools and techniques. During this short programme, you will test proven methods to overcome any barriers to becoming more assertive and learn ways to think, feel and behave like an assertive person. You will develop the applied skills needed to present your ideas and opinions in a way that will ensure you are heard and respected. By communicating with conviction, you will discover how to ask for what you want in a way that respects both your rights and the rights of others. You will practice ways to speak clearly, honestly and directly without wasting words - so there can never be any uncertainty about where you stand, no matter what the topic.

Focusing on achievable changes, the programme provides straightforward methods to accommodate the needs of others, make informed choices, deal with different behaviours and build long term co-operative working relationships. It underlines the effect our behaviour has on how we handle situations and how this in turn impacts on the outcomes we create.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for all - become more effective at making requests, decline unreasonable demands, deal with conflict, express your thoughts in a direct and open manner and improve your overall levels of assertiveness.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Express your thoughts and feelings in a direct and open manner
  • Distinguish assertive behaviour from aggressive, abdicative and passive approaches
  • Communicate clearly and present information with authority and conviction
  • Refuse unreasonable requests and say 'no' without feeling guilty or anxious
  • Deliver your requests assertively and identify solutions which will benefit all parties
  • Build confidence in your own judgment and ask for support when required
  • Readily accept constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement
  • Put forward your beliefs and feel heard and respected - without upsetting those who may not agree with you
  • Acknowledge and take responsibility for your own actions and mistakes

What else do I need to know?

Run as either a half day, high impact skills development programme or one day session, providing plenty of opportunities to practice effective techniques to extend assertive abilities.

Part of the Impact and Approach suite of programmes.

Links to: Understand Yourself and Others, Under the Influence and Time to Thrive.

"Everything on the course related well to my work situation. The BEFA model was really helpful for getting your point across. A great session which built my confidence and provided plenty of tools to apply back at work."

Support Worker - The Forge Project

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