The Language of Work

Talk the talk and enhance prospects for progression


Course summary

Words matter, yet in the workplace there has been little agreement about which particular phrases could be used to achieve the greatest results. Recently, a comprehensive 10 year study has provided insight into what UK employers regard as the most valuable transferable currencies – the constructive terms in demand across all sectors of business today. In this highly engaging workshop, we explore the language of work and reveal the most effective no-nonsense words which can be used to develop both ongoing performance in role and long term career progression. While qualifications and technical skills remain important; interpersonal awareness, behavioural skills, the ability to get on with others and being able to express yourself with clarity and confidence, are the attributes most commonly cited as having an association with long term success in role.

The programme provides opportunities to extend your understanding of the words that really work. It then introduces a powerful toolkit, guaranteed to enhance personal effectiveness through the adoption of high-value phrases which are recognised and respected at work. The session demonstrates how to make a lasting impression through the use of straightforward language, how best to present solution-driven statements in a confident and clear manner and how to create a positive professional identity at work.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for all. Ideal for individuals and teams. Assists with role transitions and evolving job requirements. Includes one complimentary Revelation personal development profile offering practical suggestions to support career progression.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Create impact by applying the most constructive words and phrases at work
  • Acknowledge the role the wider workplace culture plays, on the language commonly used across your organisation
  • Consider how to express your team's contributions to agreed priorities
  • Extend opportunities to use positive vocabulary and express solution-led language
  • Simplify complicated wordplay, untangle terminology and influence others using cause and effect phrases
  • Apply straightforward techniques to demonstrate empathy and anticipate the needs of your colleagues
  • Recognise the 21 transferable work attributes which are most valued by UK employers and relate these to your role
  • Receive a practical toolkit to support your personal development and extend performance in role, aligned to recognised work goals

What else do I need to know?

Half day programme.

Part of the Communicate and Connect suite of programmes.

Links to: Listen Up, Applied Body Language and How am I Coming Across?.

"Too often in the UK, we have recruited people mainly for their technical skills, when what really makes the difference are the core, transferable people skills... it is clear to me that we have to put the human back into work."

Peter Cheese - CEO, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

"Quite simply, a great programme !"

Kevin Hanson - Specialist IP Lawyer

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