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Master lifelong listening skills


Course summary

Hear and retain what people are really saying. Effective listening is the key to relationship development. It is one of the first communication skills we learn, the most used and also the least taught. Without the ability to listen well, messages can easily be misunderstood. Despite the fact that we spend more time listening than any other communication tool, there is a growing perception that we are losing our ability to listen attentively. It is increasingly easy to revisit what may have been missed through use of the web, social media, print, audio and video files - and as a result, less attention is being paid to what is actually being said. So, while we still spend over 60% of our communication time listening, the average amount we retain is estimated to be now less than 25% of what we hear. This workshop aims to redress this and will help participants develop both their active and empathic listening skills.

During the programme you will learn to slow your listening down and focus on what others are really saying. You will practice methods to accurately recall more information and learn ways to test assumptions. Most of all, you will develop techniques to build lasting rapport – leading to stronger relationships with colleagues, clients and friends.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for all. Used for improved communication skills. Influencing and persuasion. Questioning skills. Build trust and rapport. Empathy and understanding. Conflict resolution. Relationship development. Coaching with confidence.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Define effective listening and recognise how this differs from hearing
  • Minimise misunderstanding by eliminating barriers to communication
  • Confirm and apply the five levels of listening on a 1-1 basis
  • Practice methods to take a more active approach to listening
  • Clarify what is being said and check the accuracy of your listening
  • Apply questioning techniques to probe, paraphrase and test assumptions
  • Build rapport and trust in others by suspending judgement
  • Pick up on the content, opinions and feelings contained in any message
  • Demonstrate practical ideas for listening in larger groups
  • Identify opportunities to introduce strategic listening methods back in the workplace

What else do I need to know?

Half day or one day session.
Part of the Communicate and Connect suite of programmes.

Links to: Applied Body Language, The Language of Work and How am I Coming Across?

"I picked up lots of easy to apply techniques on how to develop rapport and to stop myself jumping to conclusions the programme was delivered in an easy to relate to manner. I will be able to use all aspects of this course."

Operations Manager - Innovate Distribution

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