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Identify development opportunities and gain commitment to action



Transform routine performance discussions into an engaging and results-focused activity. Make ongoing development conversations a reality in your organisation and increase commitment to recognised goals. Revelation Personal Development Profiles can provide reassurance to any organisation that workplace objectives are both engaging and meaningful. Each report builds the confidence and abilities of managers when tasked with discussing behavioural expectations. The simple to use profiling process, strengthens workplace relationships through its participative and collaborative design. It assists with the creation of realistic and stretching development plans, linked to individual aspirations. Significantly, Revelation delivers effective results by prioritising the specific activities which are related to success in role. This practical tool avoids subjective judgements about personal performance and instead delivers applied suggestions to develop future capability. The assessment is not psychometric in nature and does not make statements about any candidate, their personality or existing ability levels. Instead, Revelation focuses on improving the quality of development discussions and on building engagement levels.

Each bespoke report delivers 100 practical ideas to extend performance in role, selected from over 775,000 occupationally relevant options to develop capability.

Supporting organisations and their people at: ICO Polymers, North Lincolnshire Council, Dawn Foods, VION, Hodgson Sealants.
Developing the performance of candidates from: Tesco, Barclays, the NHS, Singleton Birch and ConocoPhillips.


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Who is it for?

Can be used by organisations, teams and informal work groups to clarify role requirements and create a dynamic snapshot of learning possibilities. Can also be used by individuals looking to identify ideas for personal development.

Key Benefits

Introducing Revelation® Personal Development Profile can help to:

  • Manage talent consistently by building a common language, based on the 21 core transferable skills valued in today's workplace
  • Encourage open discussions about role expectations which are relevant to the demands of any rapidly changing organisation
  • Reduce time and expenditure spent on formal appraisal processes
  • Engage staff at all levels by focusing on the consequences of their personal preferences at work
  • Maintain trust between managers and staff by ensuring feedback is both transparent and constructive
  • Support line managers by providing them with a manageable number of practical suggestions to assist with the development of every person they employ
  • Align team development goals to wider organisational priorities
  • Impact on the bottom line - takes around 20 minutes to complete with nominal costs
  • Create robust action plans, linked to role requirements which will assist with career planning and are associated with success in role
  • Make it easier to measure the impact of every agreed performance suggestion

Reporting options


PD100 - Personal Development Profile. Provides 100 practical ideas to develop capability in role based on expressed preferences. Personal work preferences are assessed against a set of core skills associated with successful outcomes.


TM50 - Talent Management Report. Provides 50 customised suggestions to extend performance, linked to recognised role priorities.  Personal work preferences are assessed against operational needs at an individual level to create worthwhile development options aligned to  the needs of each employee.

"Revelation quickly and easily allows businesses to undertake development reviews with employees. The tool provides a significant saving in time and cost to a business as well as defining heaps of practical ideas to develop performance. "

Darren Roberts - The BiS

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