Fastrack® Problem Solving

Accurately compare problem solving and decision making abilities



Fastrack® is a reliable and validated business simulation, developed to accurately assess decision making skills, problem solving and analytical abilities. It provides insight in terms of how well a person is likely to apply reasoning and judgement when making decisions, particularly when faced with new information.

Compare ability to assimilate and apply new information

Participants are provided with various pieces of information about different situations. The exercise is not a conventional paper-based ability test, but instead involves ‘hands-on’ use of sets of flashcards - all of which contain pieces of information. Reviewing the cards, participants must sort through data, identify links between the sets of information and apply this knowledge to solve problems. All the situations are graduated into various levels of difficulty and reflect a wide variety of real work situations. Fastrack® can be used to compare the decision making skills of employees and can support informed recruitment methods - delivering a more rounded assessment of high potential applicants and management candidates. It can also be used for staff development purposes, giving a more detailed picture of a person’s analytical, strategic and decision-making skills.


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Who is it for?

Suitable for anyone who is  regularly involved in decision making, problem solving and / or analytical thinking skills as part of their role.

Key Points
  • SHL CEB Fastrack is a robust psychometric instrument which requires the identification of patterns from data, provided on flash cards. These patterns or underlying principles can then be used to complete missing information
  • All the information needed to get the correct answers is provided in each scenario
  • All participants are given time to practice their skills using an example card set
  • Option to run this assessment as part of a wider group decision making and information management programme

What else do I need to know?

The reliable and validated exercise only takes approximately 1 hour to administer. The test is timed and all participants will receive individual feedback on their results.

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"I quickly discovered that you don't need to work out all of the rules, you only have to figure out the rule relevant to the gaps on each question card. Some are number based, some are wording based; many combine the two. They do give you a couple of practices first and it definitely sounds harder than it is!"

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