Mission Impossible?

Video Clip Corner.

Here’s a cracking little video from the immensely talented Dan Heath, talking about the easiest way to create an effective mission statement that actually works.  Develop an engaging message of intent that can be lived – not laminated.



Too often these dry documents are filled with complex company rhetoric – or are characterised as being ‘long on statement – and short on mission’. By way of contrast, Dan presents a compelling case for building a simple and accessible message. One that pulls people together, is relatable and which can be applied to organisations, teams and work groups alike. Get it right and these powerful little statements don’t need to sit gathering dust in the corner of your reception, like some dated monument to cheesy 1990’s management trends.

Top tip – remember to keep your statement very simple. Consider how The Europa Hotel in Belfast, (located in the most bombed city in Europe at the time), turned around their fortunes with the perfect slogan which defined them and their approach in just 9 words:  ‘We are ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen’.

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Posted On: 05 Oct 2014