Exploring Personal Comfort Zones

PCZ55 Inventory. Understanding Your Personal Boundaries

We all have personal comfort zones – where we feel confident and most able. This free downloadable resource is designed to help you identify your own areas of comfort and also explore potential themes which may make you feel less at ease at this moment. Everyone has their own sets of boundaries and limitations and no right or wrong answers apply, however recognising where your current limits are, can often be a useful platform for challenging these boundaries and increasing understanding when presented with a new or unfamiliar situation. 

Complete this easy to use profile and then return your results (scanned, or by simply sending your responses to the questionnaire) to: info@endorlearning.com and receive a free personal report, confirming your likely comfort zones. Included in your feedback will be an assessment of your: comfort zones, learning zones, opportunity zones and any areas which at this time may be considered to be your outer limits zone.

Click on the file below to download the inventory:

PCZ55 Inventory


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Posted On: 03 May 2017