On Being Human

It's a bit of a shocker...

but according to the most recent Skills Gaps in the Workplace report by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, the most common skills deemed to be lacking among existing staff are people and personal skills.

The results of the UKCES survey reinforce the views of Peter Cheese, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development who stated at a recent conference that 'Too often in the UK, we have recruited people mainly for their technical skills, when what really makes the difference are the core, transferable people skills… it is clear to me that we have to put the human back into work’



(Image credit to UKCES)


This survey is one of the largest employer surveys in the world and is based on over 87,000 interviews with UK employers. The next survey is currently underway, with the results expected to be published sometime in 2018. 

How do these results compare to what is happening in your workplace? Are there other applied skills you see as important that aren't included in this chart? Let us know - we'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Posted On: 23 Apr 2017